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Strangers to Mainstream Christianity: Does the Orthodox Church Fit In?

Eastern Christianity in the U.S. is represented by more than 20 various churches belonging to two major ecclesiastical families. Traditionally, local Eastern Christian churches have identified themselves as ethnic congregations, which has separated them from the mainstream culture and from one another. In addition, most of these churches have been subordinate to a mother church in the home country. Consequently, their focus has often been more on religious and socio-political movements in the Old World than on their current surroundings in the New World. In an article posted by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, researcher Alexey D. Krindatch discusses the historical reasons for this separation of Orthodox Churches from the American Mainstream, articulates some key ways Eastern Orthodoxy is unlike Roman Catholicism and American Protestantism, and warns against the danger to the Orthodox Church of continuing its traditional orientation.



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