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Theological Education Goals in the Midst of Change

Contemporary theology students are more interested in a diverse array of spiritual expressions than social action. Seminaries have responded by cobbling together new classes and, in some cases, new programs. At the same time, mainline Protestant seminaries are trying to survive and to provide the broad leadership training that will assure survival, while congregations are becoming increasingly niche-oriented. In this interview, David Kelsey of Yale Divinity School, discusses the changing dynamics in the field of theological education, and what he sees as the important goals and agendas of contemporary seminary and graduate school preparation: http://resourcingchristianity.org/interview.aspx?INTID=0e2d32b3-1046-42df-9f9e-1e395146fe4e.



International Peacemaker on Syrian Refugee Crisis at Union Seminary

Dr. Mary Mikhael, a native of Syria, will visit Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond October 3, 2018, to address the...

Discovering Hope in the Valley of Dry Bones

Struggling in the valley of dry bones?Listen and subscribe to Faith & Leadership's podcast, Can These Bones. The...

The Heart of a Servant and Faith Like a Child

Here are some sermon resources and art work for the Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost - September 23, 2018 (Year B)...

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