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Online Articles and Bibliographies about Sociology of Religion

This web page offers a collection of links to sociology of religion articles available on the web. Articles are listed by authors last name, and are alphabetically searchable. It also includes two bibliographic resource links, and a set of links to other sites that have additional collections of articles: http://hirr.hartsem.edu/sociology/articles.html.



$1 Million Grant Helps Rural Clergy to Thrive and Flourish

Campbell University has received a grant of $995,627 to help establish the Fellowship for Clergy in Rural and...

Sermon Resources by Carl Dudley

 The Christian Ministry magazineThe Layperson's-eye View--January/February 1999The Common Touch--November/December...

Lilly Endowment Grant Supports Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church has an important partner as it responds to shifts in the religious landscape. In 2018, the Lilly...


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