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Making faith lessons 'stick' past Sunday

There is a solid body of research that reveals how to make faith lessons stick and impact upon life choices. That research applies not only to children and youth, but can be used in Sunday worship services, in adult education programs, and in other areas of congregational life. At a workshop sponsored by the Center for Congregations, an institute that supplies Indiana congregations with resources and perspectives to help them address their challenges and opportunities, Fuller Youth Institute director Kara Powell led an exploration of some of those methods and techniques. She also prepared a resource list of leading books on the topic; that list is archived on the Center's website. For more on sticky faith, read our feature article, "Teenage Religiosity: Widely Practiced, Poorly Understood." Also read our article, "Best Resources for Youth Research," search "sticky faith" through our Search window, and explore the articles and links in the "Youth Research" sub tab under the "Research" heading on our home page.



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Thu, Oct 25, 2018 - 03:00 pm
Join us for a talk with Ertugrul Gokcekuyu

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