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Listening to Faith: A Conversation with Krista Tippett

Listening, says Krista Tippett, is an endangered art. It is endangered because we are taught in school to lead with our opinions. The problem, she says, is that leading with an opinion leads to defending, or arguing, which is not listening. But listening, deeply listening, allows both the speaker and the listener to engage one another and plumb core issues in a fundamentally different, more profound way. It permits us to truly encounter one another. Tippett, founder of the PBS radio interview show On Being (formerly Speaking of Faith), discusses her background, the genesis for her show and how the show has influenced listeners and matured her own spiritual experience, in a conversation with John M. Mulder that is archived on the Resources for American Christianity website. Also visit the show’s website for archived episodes.

Listening Krista Tippet Insights into Relition Lilly Foundation Grants



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Wed, May 30, 2018 - 07:30 pm
On Being, the Peabody Award-winning radio show and podcast, takes up the big questions of meaning at the center of human life: What...

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