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Happiness and Money

Carol Graham of the Brookings Institution wants to better understand human well-being and how to advance it. Her study found that while money is important, such things as health, stable employment, friendship and family also weigh heavily in a person’s self-report of their happiness. Entrepreneur Ted Leonsis says he has found that truly happy people recognize a higher calling to leave more in the world than they take from it. In a video news report prepared for Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, correspondent Bob Faw explores the means of measuring quality of life and strategies to promote it. Watch the 7½-minute video, and read the transcript for Happiness and a High Standard of Living, on the program’s website.



Conservative Commencement Address 

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All Over The World Young People Tend To Be Less Religious

"Recent surveys have found that younger adults are far less likely than older generations to identify with a...


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