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The Generation Gap May Be Smaller Than Many Suppose

Generational differences do exist. The WWII generation puts a high emphasis on honesty and loyalty in the context of expecting leadership to be authoritative and relationships to be hierarchical; Baby Boomers emphasize caring, competence and honesty in the context of team work, social interaction and the tendency to question authority; GenXers put an emphasis on determination and ambition in the context of valuing a balanced life, egalitarian power structures, and a willingness to challenge the status quo; and Nexters (Millennials) share the GenXer emphases and values, but tend to be more goal-oriented, optimistic and confident.

Despite these differences, researchers say workplace similarities are more significant. All generations want leaders who are credible and trustworthy; they experience trouble with change and organizational politics, and look for opportunity, respect, a good quality of life, and fair compensation. Focus on the common concerns to advance your enterprise, advise experts in the article, "Is the generational crisis real?"

The author also addresses the impact of generational differences on how churches and denominations function in the article, "Generation to Generation."



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