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Fostering Lifelong Faith Formation

The “Faith Formation 2020 Initiative” invites congregations to look at how they can plan in four different ways to promote faith formation between now and 2020. The programs address: (1) people with a vibrant faith, (2) people who are spiritual but not religious, (3) people who are unaffiliated and uninterested and (4) people who participate but are not committed. Resources for American Christianity, a website that helps Christian leaders, scholars and others better understand the impact, trends and trajectories of Christianity in American society, has archived a brief video introduction to the initiative by coordinator John Roberto, along with the transcript of an interview of Roberto conducted by the Rev. Louis Weeks that explores the topic in depth. Read "John Roberto on Fostering Lifelong Faith Formation Everywhere" on Resources for American Christianity.



Sunday Church Servicing in the Wake of Hurricane Michael

"Church leaders knew the Sunday following the storm would be important and necessary in what's expected to be a...

Relationship Across Rupture

On Being with Sally Kohn & Erick Erickson, “Relationship Across Rupture”Two lightning-rod figures on...

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has received a $1 million grant

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has received a $1 million grant to help establish the CBF Thriving in Ministry...


Thu, Oct 25, 2018 - 03:00 pm
Join us for a talk with Ertugrul Gokcekuyu

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