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Explaining obedience: What it means to "obey" God

God is not a genie in a bottle that we can rub the right way in order to manufacture a desired result, explains Charles Barrett in a meditation for worship teams written for the African American Lectionary. How do we explain the concept of obedience, when it’s hard enough to get people in the pews? We are called to praise God not just at worship, but every day, Barrett continues. However, more than praise, God delights in obedience; and by being obedient, we are empowered.

“It is the proper perspective that empowers Christians,” he concludes, “because victory is the result of obedience, not the consequence of somehow manipulating God.” Start the conversation with worship teams and worship leaders with Barrett’s reflections, centered on 1 Samuel 17:45-47. The African American Lectionary provides extensive lectionary-based resources for the African American church in the United States, including additional reflections in the Young Adult Liturgists' Corner.

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