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Episcopal-to-Catholic Conversions

A 2009 decree by Pope Benedict XVI allows Episcopal churches to become Catholic and retain much of their liturgy and traditions, and their married priests. A key element in the desire to convert is the hunger among some Episcopalians and Anglicans for traditional authority and practice. A 10-minute news video prepared by correspondent Bob Faw for Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, a source for cutting-edge reporting and analysis of events in the religious world, explores the nascent trend and how it is received among lay congregants and representatives of both traditions.



$1 Million Grant Helps Rural Clergy to Thrive and Flourish

Campbell University has received a grant of $995,627 to help establish the Fellowship for Clergy in Rural and...

Sermon Resources by Carl Dudley

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Lilly Endowment Grant Supports Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church has an important partner as it responds to shifts in the religious landscape. In 2018, the Lilly...


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