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Elements of a Successful Multiracial Church

Results of the first large-scale study on racial and ethnic diversity within Christian houses of worship reveal that Catholic churches are more likely to be racially integrated than Protestant churches. Among Protestants, theologically conservative non-denominational congregations are more likely to be integrated than mainline liberal churches. Evidence produced by The Multiracial Congregations Project indicates that successful integration happens as a byproduct of pursuing a goal that unites people across racial, ethnic and cultural boundaries. Read the full article here: http://hirr.hartsem.edu/cong/articles_huesinthepews.html.



International Peacemaker on Syrian Refugee Crisis at Union Seminary

Dr. Mary Mikhael, a native of Syria, will visit Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond October 3, 2018, to address the...

Discovering Hope in the Valley of Dry Bones

Struggling in the valley of dry bones?Listen and subscribe to Faith & Leadership's podcast, Can These Bones. The...

The Heart of a Servant and Faith Like a Child

Here are some sermon resources and art work for the Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost - September 23, 2018 (Year B)...

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