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Reflections on Pastoral Work and Pastoral Needs

A pastor’s work is not easy, and many clergy are ambivalent about their vocation. Some of the key issues that make life difficult for clergy are low pay scales, diminished social standing, declining denominationalism, and the increasingly fractious nature of the wider culture which spills into the congregation. Jackson W. Carroll, Williams Professor Emeritus of Religion and Society at Duke Divinity School, offers insight on these and other issues facing American Protestantism, and gives suggestions toward solutions in this 2001 retirement address. Read his sensitive and nuanced reflection, "Reflections of a Clergy-Watcher" archived on the website of Pulpit and Pew.



Inspiration from the Liturgical Letter for 26th Sunday after Pentecost

Confidence in Our Creator"Lord, we take refuge in you (Psalm 16), for you listen to our despair (1 Samuel 1:4-20) and...

Practicing Gratitude

My wife and I recently relocated, which led us to visit a half-dozen churches in the past two months. Each seemed to...

2019 BAA Trailblazer of the Year named by Union Presbyterian Seminary

The Black Alumni Association (BAA) of Union Presbyterian Seminary is pleased to announce and to recognize the Rev. Dr....


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