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What would you do if you thought you only had a few months left to live?

What would you do if you thought you only had a few months left to live? For Mark Zabawa, the answer was easy: chase tornadoes. In “The Last Storm,” the new Op-Doc by director Liam Saint-Pierre, Mark teams up with his young friend Mike to go zigzagging across the Midwest in a boisterous search for tornado sightings, the weather enthusiast’s holy grail.

To many, tornado chasing is a nonsensical or even ridiculous hobby — and there’s no denying that tornado chasers are a strange bunch (yes, we’re looking at you, Greg Johnson). But for those on the hunt, storm chasing somehow combines the unhurried reveries of a road trip with the adrenaline of a car chase — all in pursuit of an experience of nature at its most awe-inspiring. For the motivated storm chaser, the quest can become almost religiously intense. “We need a vision,” as Mark says. “A vision feeds the soul.”

Whether it’s through hunting tornadoes or collecting stamps, we are all, I believe, searching for meaning in life. People find meaning in a singular love or passion, no matter how strange or dangerous it may be, that helps them to deal with the chaos of life. So while this film is about two men’s search for a tornado, it’s also about friendship. Adult men have long struggled to maintain meaningful bonds with other men, especially as they become older. Having a shared passion allows us to connect with others, even if it takes a tornado to do it. [Watch "The Last Storm" Now] 

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