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A Call For Papers on Games and Learning in Religion and Theology

Teaching Theology and Religion Special Call for Papers on Games and Learning in Religion and Theology
Manuscripts Due September 1, 2017
The last decade and more of research into the impact of digital media on teaching and learning has lifted up multiple and diverse ways in which students’ experiences of learning in informal settings fundamentally shape how they approach formal, classroom settings. This research has highlighted video games in particular, and terms like ”gameful” learning, ”gamification,” and ”games/learning/society” are increasingly common in this literature.
Teaching Theology and Religion an international peer-reviewed journal published by Wiley-Blackwell, seeks essays in a variety of genres and lengths that analyze how games and gameful learning are being utilized – and/or resisted — in religious studies and theology classrooms. Please send ideas, interest, or inquiries to Special Topics Editor, Mary Hess [email protected].




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