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For Better or Worse, Faith and Football are Linked: Superbowl 2014

Super Bowl Ad Sparks Discussion by Trent Gilliss, at PBS' On Being with Krista Tippett, explores Super Bowl advertising, including an automobile-maker's ad last year, "So God Made a Farmer," which evoked discussion.

Prayer, Tebowing and the Super Bowl: The evolving relationship of sports and religion by David Briggs contemplates the role faith plays — if any — in the world of sports. Although research is admittedly sparse, Briggs concludes, "Even in the early stage of research on religion and sports, there are indicators that prayer can help fans and players alike." 

The graphic, God in the Super Bowl, by Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux on the website of Religion News Service shows the results of an American survey on faith and the Superbowl. According to the results, nearly one-third of Americans believe that Americans believe that God plays a role in determining which team wins a sporting event, while a majority (53 percent) agree that God rewards athletes who have faith with good health and success.

Called to the Excellence of God’s Glory by John Wimmer on Faith & Leadership's website, explains the concept of "excellence" and translates the drive for excellence in various stations, including on the football field, to vocational excellence in the vocations of clergy and organizational leaders.  

In Stories and Dialogue Shape a Community, Kara Faris explores how Indianapolis’ east side used the 2006 Super Bowl to its advantage when committed community leaders and east side neighborhood groups established The East Side Legacy Center with financial support from hosting the Super Bowl. The Legacy Center serves the needs of neighbors – after-school programming for Indianapolis Public School students, community gathering space, classrooms, cooking room and fitness facilities, to name a few. 

UConn Football's Come-to-Jesus Moment by Mark Silk on Religion News Service explores new UConn football coach Bob Diaco's plan to bring spirituality and faith to the locker room and the huddle. Silk questions whether the former Notre Dame defensive coach can pull it off at a state school in diverse Connecticut.




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